Discover Kombucha Kulture. What type of member will you be?



You are an early adopter and have discovered the many benefits of fresh kombucha. You have a kegerator/tap setup at home to share with friends and family. You are a super-cool host that only wants the best refreshments for your guests. Or, you drink kombucha all the time! You know how to harness the awesome pro-biotic power!



You run an awesome small to medium sized establishment. Maybe it is a cafe, restaurant, bar, club or other venue. Your patrons appreciate your attention to detail, and fun, seasonal options. You are always looking for fresh, healthy and cost effective beverage alternatives for your customers. Draft kombucha is perfect for guests who want a low-calorie, great tasting alternative to wine, beer or soda. Put something new and fun on the menu!

Maybe these descriptions aren’t the right fit for you? Are you a larger commercial outfit? For custom membership options, please CONTACT US.

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