Sacramento Kombucha and Nitro Coffee in a Keg

Sacramento Nitro Coffee and Kombucha Keg Delivery

Kombucha and Nitro Coffee for Sacramento businesses. Join forces with KegForce to provide your office with the perfect healthy drinking options. Our Kombucha and Nitro Coffee kegs will start your morning right and keep you going all day.

Kombucha Delivers Healthy Drinking Options to Offices

Coffee and Kombuch for CaliforniaKombucha is a fermented tea served cold that offers several health benefits. Most notably, kombucha can shake up your hydration routine with antioxidants, probiotics, and great flavors.

So instead of reaching for a sugary, carbonated beverage that will only add empty calories, try kombucha on tap for an afternoon refreshment.

Health Benefits of Kombucha

Including kombucha in your diet can have several health benefits. Kombucha offers all the same health benefits as regular tea along with added effects from the fermentation process.

  • Probiotic effects help digestion and inflammation.
  • Antioxidants fight free radicals which damage your cells.
  • Acetic acid kills bad bacteria in your body.

Employee Beverage Options on Tap

Instead of stocking a vending machine full of sugar-laden drinks, provide your employees with fresh, healthy kombucha on tap. Offer a unique beverage choice during the workday with certified organic nitro coffee, and cold brew on tap. Both of these are sure to be crowd-pleasers for your health fanatics and coffee connoisseurs.

Kombucha OnTap

Kombucha Kegs

KegForce of Sacramento offers all-inclusive service for our kombucha kegs. You can enjoy the most popular brands delivered to your office, restaurant, shop, or event. Our friendly staff will set up the kegerator for you too.

All flavors come in a 5-gallon keg. Find brands like Marin, Health-Ade, Mighty Booch, and more.

Nitro Coffee

California Nitro Coffee OntapNitro coffee is a smooth and creamy drink made by infusing cold brew coffee with nitrogen gas.

Nitrogen serves two purposes. It froths the coffee and functions as part of the delivery system within the kegerator.

Nitro cold brew coffee comes in 5-gallon kegs. Enjoy certified organic brands like Jittery John's, Bona Fide, Uganda Organic, and more.

Requires nitrogen gas. All equipment is available from KegForce.

Cold Brew Coffee

Enjoy the finest cold brew coffee brands on tap at your office, restaurant, or event. They are always fresh, delicious, and easy to serve. Enjoy the same wonderful, certified organic coffee brands we offer with a nitro setup.

KegForce delivers your choice of cold brew and the equipment for dispensing it.

Full-Service Kegerator Setup and Delivery

Kegerator Setup ServicesAs Northern California's premier distributor of nitro cold brew coffee and kombucha on tap, our priority is to bring healthy, functional beverages to more and more people to enjoy.

Residential and commercial customers can avail themselves of our full-service kegerator setup and delivery service. Enjoy kombucha on tap, nitro coffee on tap, and cold brew on tap at your office, restaurant, shop, or party.

California’s Best Provider of Kombucha

While it's possible to brew kombucha at home, there are risks to making your own fermented beverages. Overfermented or contaminated kombucha can cause serious health problems.

The safest option is to purchase a commercially produced product. Check out our selection of the best kombucha brands to enjoy on tap. Our full-service delivery and setup service will get your pouring in no time.

KegForce offers nearly two dozen flavors of kombucha available in 5-gallon kegs.

Kombucha Is Growing in Popularity

The beverage market is broadening beyond water, soda, and sports drinks. Kombucha grew from $1 million in sales in 2014 to $1.8 billion by 2019!

Why is kombucha getting a bigger bite of the beverage market? As consumers become more health conscious, they are looking for alternatives to sugar-filled sodas and energy drinks. Kombucha is good for you, and it's delicious. A keg of kombucha on tap makes the perfect alternative to the old vending machine in the break room.


Kombucha kegs delivered to Sacramento businesses


Health Conscious Employees Are Looking for Different Office Beverages

Workers and bosses alike have noticed the need for integrating health and wellness goals into the workday. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, nearly half of all US employers with more than 50 employees offer some kind of wellness promotion initiative.

Many people have begun to avoid sodas, sports drinks, and energy drinks, knowing that they will only give you an energy spike and inevitable crash. The excess calories in these beverages are a big turn off too.

We know that the afternoon can seem to stretch endlessly. Kombucha is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something cool and refreshing that can perk you up to finish your day strong. Moreover, kombucha offers health-conscious employees a unique, tasty, refreshing alternative.

Nitro Coffee: An Employee Office Favorite

Nitro coffee cold brewAnother drink that is only trending upward with everyday office workers is nitro coffee. Consumers are attracted to the rich, creamy texture with the added benefit of reduced calories and sugar.

Caffeine Boost

Coffee is a delicious necessity for many of us. The average office worker drinks about 20 cups of coffee per week. A 2020 survey by the National Coffee Association found that 24% of coffee drinkers have an afternoon cup.

Chances are that you have several employees looking for a morning or afternoon (or both) caffeine boost.

Offer Employees Something Better Than Traditional Drip Coffee

Nitrogenated coffee is smoother, creamer, and less bitter than other coffee products. You can offer your employees the perfect alternative to traditional drip coffee.

Along with superior flavor, nitro coffee in a keg is more convenient than drip coffee pots or individual pod brewing systems. The coffee is ready whenever you walk up to the tap.

Kegged Nitro Coffee Reduces Office Waste

Another fantastic aspect of bringing a nitro coffee keg into your office is reduced waste. You'll reduce your water usage from brewing coffee. You'll also have much less organic and paper waste from grounds, filters, or individual pods.

​​On-Tap Beverages Reduce Cups, Lids, and Straws

Kegged Beverages For Offices and restaurantsAccording to market research, cafes offering nitrogenated coffee saw about 60% of customers use a mug to enjoy their drink. Furthermore, dispensing from the tap into their own mug seemed to be a point of attraction for customers.

In addition to reducing waste associated with brewing coffee, you can reduce your office's cup, lid, and straw use. For example, you can offer mugs alongside the keg instead of disposable products. Many of your nitro coffee drinkers may also use a travel tumbler and reusable straw.

​​No K-Cups or Non-Recyclable Pods

Not only are individual coffee pods the most expensive way to enjoy coffee, but they create tons of waste. While Keurig has made their k-cups recyclable since 2020, not all brands are recyclable. It's also a time-consuming process to separate the grounds, compost them, and then recycle the cup.

No office manager wants to be the coffee pod police. An easier and environmentally friendly way to supply your office with its afternoon pick-me-up is to have nitro coffee in a keg.

​​Kegs Can Be Re-Used and Recycled Years Down the Road

Cold Brew Coffee In A Kegerator ontapKegs are one of the most sustainable drink containers on the market. Kombucha and nitro coffee in a keg further reduces your waste output because the kegs are reusable and recyclable.

When a keg is empty, KegForce can swap it out with a new one. Enjoy the same flavor, or choose something else from our list. We take the empty one back to clean, sanitize, and use it again. A stainless steel keg has a lifespan of approximately 120 refills.

In addition, when a keg is no longer usable, the manufacturer can melt it down into raw steel used in the production of new kegs.

Contact KegForce today to start providing nitro coffee or Kombucha to office employees or restaurant patrons.