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Reduce Single Cup Coffee Pod Waste With Beverages On Tap In A Keg

Serving beverages from a keg on tap reduces plastics, glass, K-cups, pods and packaging waste that is typically generated from single cup coffee servings. Reduce your office or restaurant carbon footprint by offering single cup coffee servings from a keg and avoid using non-recyclable materials.


K-Cup Coffee Pod

Organic Coffee In A Keg

Organic coffee for the more health conscious coffee drinker can be delivered in a keg to offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and events for easy access to a healthy boost of caffeine and flavor.


A Cup of Organic Coffee 

Nitro Coffee Cold Brew On Tap For Easy Beverage Access

Nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen to give it a foamy head and robust flavor. When served on tap, it is a delicious beverage for office consumption with an extra kick of caffeine.


Nitro Coffe Keg Served On Tap

Kombucha On Tap

Kombucha in a keg offers a healthy alternative to sugary drinks that is easily delivered on tap to employees in an office or patrons in a restaurant, coffee shop or grocery store.


Kombucha in a Keg

Cold Brew Coffee For A Unique Office Bonus

Cold Brew coffee is a favorite among office employees looking for a unique beverage during the work day. Read More >>

Cold Brew Coffee Served In A Keg

What Is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro cold brew coffee is simply coffee that has been cooled to at least 40C which is equivalent to 400F before being infused with nitrogen (N2) gas. Read More >>

What is nitro coffee