Cold Brew Nitro Coffee Keg Service and Delivery

Cold brew with nitrogen is an innovative new way of preparing coffee that provides a smoother taste and a more caffeinated experience. This new spin on cold coffee is taking the world by storm and is well on its way to being the next big thing.

Can you imagine the excitement you would bring to the workplace with a standard kegerator delivery of cold brew nitro coffee? What better way to get your next party going than with an organic nitro coffee keg? With KegForce, we only offer products with the finest coffee beans and deliver them to your home or office.

Nitrogen-Infused Cold Brew for a Creamy Pour

Nitro Coffee On TapThe difference between a standard cold brew and one labeled as nitro is the inclusion of nitrogen. Creating this drink requires specialized tools to achieve the right consistency. However, none of that is your worry when you opt for delivery to your company or home. The infused nitrogen coffee pours straight from the tap with no-mess and a surge of flavor.

Kegs Are Five Gallons Each and Serve Approximately 40–50 Cups of Coffee

Ordering just one keg of our cold brew nitro coffee can serve most of your office staff count. If you operate a large business, you can increase your delivery to an additional order or more. The coffee comes prepared and ready to drink; all you have to do is place the order.

We use only the finest coffee beans, and organic coffee is available. You will be blown away by the quality of each keg of nitro-infused cold brew.

Delivered Kegs of Coffee to Offices, Company Cafeterias, and Coffee Shops

Ordering through KegForce doesn’t mean you are limited in your delivery locations. Our service allows you to bring high-quality nitro-infused cold brew anywhere you desire. We have long delivered our products to homes, offices, stores, festivals, and many more places.

Our kegs are also environmentally friendly and recyclable. We take pride in ensuring that our materials are conscious of the environmental need for preservation and provide for others in the best way possible.

Coffee Beverage Distribution

When you hear about a new coffee drink, you are often unsure what it will taste. Some people may wonder about what additional flavor options are available, while others may have questions about how much is the right amount when pouring a cup.

Thankfully, much like standard cold brew, nitro cold brew coffee is versatile in that you can add a variety of flavorings. Many people opt for a syrup mixed in, while others might add in a splash of creamer. One or two shots of the drink, combined with cold water and ice, is the typical amount of choice for individuals, but coffee drinkers can adjust this based on taste and caffeine preference.

Full-Service Delivery and Kegerator Setup

Nitro Brew delivery In A KegOnce you order your kegerator and pay, you aren’t responsible for any other aspect of the setup. Our white-glove service delivers, sets up, and taps the keg for you. We provide all the necessary equipment; all you and your fellow coffee drinkers need to do is pour and enjoy.

Our kegs are perfect for parties, events, or office coffee service. The only thing that you need to provide separately is an adequate supply of cups and ice. Individuals will fill their cup with enough ice, add in the cold brew, fill the rest with water, and either drink it as-is or add in flavoring.

Benefits of Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

Cold brew generally has many health benefits. The preparation process gives the drink a lower acidity level than hot coffee, and individuals also enjoy a lesser risk of heart disease and increased metabolism.

The most significant difference between standard cold brew and the nitro blend is the amount of caffeine. Cold brew nitro coffee has considerably more caffeine than what you will find in its non-nitro equivalent or regular coffee.

While there are circumstances in which coffee can alleviate anxiety and depression, having too much caffeine can increase those feelings. Finding the perfect balance of nitro and water will help curb any other emotions you can experience.

What Is Cold Brew Nitro Coffee?

Infusing coffee with nitrogen creates a creamy, smooth texture that began in 2010 and continues to increase in popularity. We use only the finest coffee beans and best ingredients to create a nitro cold brew coffee taste you’re guaranteed to love. We seep finely ground coffee beans in cold water for an extended period, allowing the flavor to form over time.

Infusing nitrogen into coffee gives the same frothy taste you would get from pouring beer out of a tap. The creator of cold brew nitro coffee, Nate Armbrust, had previous experience brewing beer and wanted to carry the concept over to the coffee world.

One of the great things about nitro, and cold brew in general, is its versatility in adding different flavors and elements. Because of the caffeine content, you can use the cold brew interchangeably for espresso.

If you’re a mocha or latte person, you can add the nitro to your ice and mix it with cold, frothed milk instead of water. To embellish it further, you can add a few pumps of syrup or chocolate flavoring. Before you know it, you will have a high-quality iced specialty drink to enjoy.


Offering new and trendy options for your employees or party guests is a surefire way to make the experience enjoyable and exciting for everyone. Far too often, the only offerings include coffee prepared in a drip machine and left out until someone partakes in a cup.

Cold brew nitro coffee keg service and delivery take the extra effort out of the event for the host and place all the setup and preparation on the KegForce company. We can work with you to set up a one-time or routine delivery or offer various beverages for your employees or guests. Contact us today to learn more about our cold brew nitro coffee keg services for your home, office, or get together.